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Alyssa Career Change Cover Letter

Alyssa Career Change Cover Letter

Hi, my name is Alyssa and like you I found it really difficult to get to grips with creating the perfect cover letter.  I was stuck in a dead end job and all I wanted was to get out and find something that I enjoyed doing.  Only problem was that everytime I applied for a job I seemed to be getting nowhere.  So I then decided to search the internet for ideas on how to make my covering letter the best ever (either that or I stayed where I was and drove myself crazy).

Anwyays I trifled through tons & tons of different websites all giving me ideas on how to create the perfect covering letter but to be honest I got sick and tired of all the cheesy pop ups etc.  So I was then chatting with my friend and telling her how  I hated my job and that I had applied to tons of companies but with no joy.  To be honest, I actually thought that my applications were “top-notch”, but obviously not compared to the other peoples…nightmare.  And that’s when she told me about this product “Amazing Cover Letters”.

Have to admit I was a bit sceptical at first, but you know what?  IT ACTUALLY WORKED.  Well, it got me in the door at least as let’s be honest you could write the greatest cover letter in the world, but your personality and knowledge counts for something too (I think ha, ha).

And now that I am in my perfect job, I am happy as larry.  I love the work, I love the people & I love the fact that I can now actually go home to my hubby and my wee one HAPPY rather that sitting moping about (hubby probably very happy too ha, ha).  Think rather than him searching for a product like “Amazing Cover Letters”…he would have been looking for something called “How to make the perfect wife again”….thankfully (for me) no such product.

Hope you’ve found this website and the product useful.  You are now on your way to your dream career.

All the best from Alyssa.

Alyssa. x

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