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Here’s a little bit about how to create a great covering letter.

TOP TIP: Make sure your covering letter is at least  1 page of plain white A4 paper. And always use a font that shows a clean and clear presentation of yourself.  And most of all…..Keep it brief, to the point and simple as let’s be honest you don’t want your employer to be bored of you before they even get to to your CV!

Here’s a little bit more about how to create the perfect covering letter.

1) CV or application form should always be accompanied by a covering letter as your letter will detail your motivation and skills.

2) Make sure you express to your future employer your interest in the position as well as your interest and of course, your knowledge of their company.

3)  Use your covering letter to point out particular attributes that you possess that will make you an asset to their company.

4) Always give additional information that is not included in your CV.

5) And remember to explain any personal circumstances (such as single parent duties, or maybe if you had noted that you were away travelling for a year remember to note why you went travelling etc).

6) Make sure that there are no spelling, grammar or punctuation mistakes (these tend to be the first things that potential employers spot and could go against you).

7) Be concise and to the point (as stated above).



You are writing the cover letter to make sure the employer knows a little bit of background information about you.  You use the letter to sell yourself and convince the employer that you are the right candidate for the job.

Layout Example



3) DATE (always use full format in full eg. 11th October 2010)

4) GREETING AND OPENING (If you know the name us it e.g. Dear Mr Cannon.  If you don’t know then it’s always best to use Dear Sir/Madam.

5) TITLE (Bold and centre the text).

6)  PARAGRAPHS (1st – Why you are writing and what job you are applying for/2nd – What you can offer their company/3rd – Summary/4th – Should be the closing of the letter).

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